Different from No. 1 and No. 2 production factories, White Xtar® is a more lively life form, pursuing creativity and seeking novelty. It is an innovative R&D company that develops new products and is an experimental base for future projects.

White Xtar® is also an aesthetic design space, where classical and modern coexist, and classic and avant-garde are integrated. With the concept of "curiosity and awe", a free space for learning and exploration of about 30,000 square meters is built. It is hoped to create a place that can A spiritual habitat that attracts all kinds of talent.

The building space is mainly divided into four floors:

The first floor, exhibition hall and reception. The lobby is full of industrial style, the gray wall has a rough gravel texture, and the matte and rusty red stairs implement the industrial style tone of the lobby.

The M floor is an open space, which provides a rest and negotiation area for visitors to the White Xtar®. At the same time, it can also be visited on the M floor. The cultural wall shows the interesting process of the development of some white dwarfs.

The second and third floors are the production and office areas. The pilot production of the future    project will be completed here, and the innovative products of the future project will come out from here. There is also a staff restaurant on the third floor, next to the viewing balcony and large floor-to-ceiling windows, where you can enjoy the warm sun and breeze while having lunch.

The fourth floor is a comprehensive office area and product innovation center, pursuing the wonderful effect produced by the overlapping of high-quality space, landscape greening, and special functional areas. In an open office environment, in a comfortable overall space atmosphere, employees from various departments will start their busy work here.

COPYRIGHT © 2023 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT © 2023 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT © 2023 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT © 2023 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT © 2023 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.