At present, the existing packaging specifications are: 

227g/250g bean bag, 454g bean bag, 

500g bean bag, 1000g bean bag




The life of a cup of coffee comes from the freshness of the roasted beans. The aroma of coffee is strong, but it is easy to lose. In order to keep the freshness to the greatest extent, from the purchase of green beans, the "coffee bean circle" has begun to compete fiercely. The coffee beans of White Xtar® come from various production areas in the world, all raw materials are 100% imported from the original place, the latest batch of green beans, the freshest and meticulous roasting and grinding, and the latest packaging technology... Every coffee bean is From the beginning to the end, after at least five selections, it can be traced from the procurement of green beans to the delivery of the products. All the roasted beans are roasted to order, and every cup of coffee you get, you can smell the strong aroma when you open it, and you will know that it is fresh enough.

White Xtar® independently purchases thousands of tons of green coffee beans every year, and the bean hunters of White Xtar® go deep into the origin of coffee beans and travel all over the equator. Customize the pre-treatment process of coffee beans, deeply participate in the quality control of green beans, and jointly set up a green bean laboratory in Yunnan and local manors, and be responsible for the coffee beans, pre-treatment experiments and quality control of green beans before delivery.

Flexible customization is a win-win cooperation model that maximizes the interests of customers. It can be flexible in terms of customized quantity, on the other hand, customized products can be personalized. Simply put, it is based on meeting the needs of target customers to the greatest extent. With a production capacity of tens of thousands of tons, it is still possible to "flexibly" turn around at the 2 kg level, and the fastest response time from order to shipment is 24 hours, responding to demand faster and more efficiently, and delivering in time. Real-time monitoring, strict screening, fundamentally satisfy more flexible customized services. Regardless of the size, ensure the perfect quality of every bean you get. What White Xtar® can provide is the double guarantee of quality and speed.

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COPYRIGHT © 2024 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT © 2024 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT © 2024 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.

COPYRIGHT © 2024 WHITEXTAR INC. All rights reserved.