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In 2023, Keyshot condensed cocktails will go to heaven! This is the first time that  Keyshots and Juneyao Airlines have jointly signed to convey the concept of low-carbon life and green travel. There are chocolates, concentrated cocktails, water glasses, scented tablets, and blind box packaging, which is full of fun.

Bean-to-Bar is a chocolate craft that stands for refined living, which usually means better ingredients and more careful production. Different from commercial chocolate, producers start with the screening of raw cocoa beans, and go through warm and interesting processes such as baking, grinding, and tempering to produce better chocolate. The chocolate in the gift box is the product of the Bean-to-Bar process. Both types choose cocoa beans from a single origin, which come from the temperature of the equator - Uganda. One is cinnamon black tea flavored black chocolate with 70% cocoa content, and the other is classic black chocolate with 75% cocoa content. While fully displaying the authentic flavor of cocoa beans, taste it carefully and feel some natural flowers and herbs.

Hot rice wine, a concentrated wine full of Chinese flavor. Yellow rice wine comes from classics, and it has a very complex taste. Keyshot™ Hot Yellow Wine Flavor Concentrated Wine balances these sweet and sour tastes. When it is opened, it emits a mild aroma, even the alcohol is warm and soft. The floral aroma is mixed with the spicy taste of ginger slices. After warming, the taste is more mellow.

Mulled wine, a concentrated wine that spreads romance and happiness. Mulled wine is a traditional Christmas hot drink from Europe. It is very fresh and interesting for young people. Most of the methods are to boil red wine, spices and fruits together for 10-15 minutes. The sweet fruit flavor neutralizes the sourness of the red wine, accompanied by the rich aroma of the red wine and the embellishment of spices, making the mulled wine rich in aroma and special in taste. Keyshot™ Flavor Concentrated Wine condenses these tedious steps into 2 steps: just pour the wine and hot water into the cup.

A cup can be more than just a cup. Although it is in the flying gift box, although it cannot fly, it can hold tea, wine, and coffee. The total capacity is 360ml, which is enough to fill with attitude towards life.

Everything has an innate unique smell, because the molecules of substances that make up the smell are different, so the smell characteristic is unique. People often ignore the feeling brought by smell because they enjoy the impact of vision, so we made 3 scented tablets to experience the world with smell.

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